Metodología de vigilancia tecnológica en universidades y centros de investigación

Mercedes Delgado, Marta Infante, Yoel Abreu, Beatriz García, Olga Infante, Antonio Díaz
Palabras Claves / Key words: 
technological surveillance, technological observatory, programs strategic of R&D, map of knowledge of patents
The technological surveillance is very important at the present time in the development and success of the processes of R&D. It is an organized, selective and permanent process, of capturing information of the exterior and of the own organization it has more than enough science and technology, to select it, to analyze it, to diffuse it and to communicate it, to transform it into knowledge for a better one taking of decisions. The existent methodologies of technological surveillance are characterized, intending a methodology for their application in one university of technical sciences, supported in a technological observatory. It is supplemented with the application of tools of discovery of knowledge based on patents for a research center. The technological surveillance in the Polytechnic Superior Institute of the Havana (CUJAE) with their technological observatory it has allowed to identify strategic programs of investigation, tendencies in the teachings of engineering and architecture, lead in technical and thematic sciences of investigation published in the Web of Science. Additionally maps of knowledge are obtained based on patents applied in the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC). The implementation of the technological surveillance, their continuous improvement with new tools and their use for the own investigators, favorable the development and increment of programs and strategic lines of investigation (R&D) guided to a pertinent innovation in the engineering and architecture, allowing to identify the evolution in the technological development, what prepares to the university and the investigation centers for the changes in the environment with a strategic focus.