Evaluación de la tendencia en el campo de los nanoonions de carbono muticapas empleando las herramientas de la Propiedad Intelectual

Verónica Mariela Ramírez Campos, Eva Romeu Lameiras, L. Desdín García
Palabras Claves / Key words: 
Nanotechnology, nanoonions, intellectual, property

Introduction: As an emerging science in its infancy, nanotechnology promises the nano – scale manufacture of materials and mechanics made to atomic specifications. Carbon nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and recently carbon nanohorns and carbon onions, are considered good candidates in different nanotechnological applications. The multiwall carbon nano-onions (MWCNOs), represent an allotrope of carbon derived from the more intensively studied fullerene. MWCNOs can be used as a therapeutic in the treatment of cancer due to its cytotoxicity and like a nanoprobe to study the immune system. In the present paper is presented the state of the arc in the field of synthesis, purification, characterization, functionalization, derivatization and application of MWCNO. This information was analyzed from the intellectual properties point of view to evaluate the tendency in this field and select the main potential project ideas.

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